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You have just gotten access to an incredibly powerful yet simple system to get sure 2 odds daily. It is a simple system we use to get a good 2 odds soccer prediction.

The system is about spotting football matches that round up to a total odd of 1.50 to 2 odd daily and above. We are going to introduce you to our sure 1.50 odds – 2 0dds and above because we have a sneaky way to get 2 odds daily tips.
At this point, I would like to make it clear that no Football Betting System is foolproof. One reason you keep losing to the bookies every time is that you have no PLAN. This is your plan.
I would be lying if I told you otherwise. But all you need is a system that turns in a decent winning rate as compared to losses.
We have our personal number of in-house soccer tipsters who supply our readers with sure 2 0dds and a number of soccer predictions each week, and for that reason prefer a little help with regards to selecting your soccer bets and odds markets make certain you must do utilize our free predication service.

Everyone who’s thinking about soccer will clearly have their particular opinion round the likely results of each match, and the odds also to know if its sure 1.50 odds or sure 2 odds, however, if you are placing bets and wagers on any team or individual player it is advisable to focus on a range of different opinions!

You have to let you know that you need a good bookmaker that has a large number of matches around the world which makes it easy to find the qualifying bets and make your 2 odds soccer prediction.

I will show you the process to select the qualifying bets.

What we have to do is to look at the head to head history of each fixture and the form of the teams playing.

Now you are going to carefully follow these steps and instructions below in looking for qualifying bets and how to get sure 2 odds daily.

  1. What we need to see in the head to head is that all of the last five matches between these two teams have finished with at least 2 goals or more, Else it is not a qualifying bet, and if there are not up to five matches played in their head to head history then there is it is not a qualifying bet.
  2. Look at both of the team’s last five games results. Each team should have at least 4 or more matches that have finished with at least 2 goals or more, else it is not a qualifying bet. If there are not up to 5 matches in the last five games of any of the teams, Then it is not a qualifying bet.
  3. Then Click on every match one by one until you find the qualifying match.

    Don’t panic it doesn’t take more than ten seconds to determine that the match is qualifying or not qualifying.

Now note these two steps above because they are the key to the success of the systems.
Any fixture you pick must conform to these two rules above if you want to get 2 sure odds daily.

I will show you an example of a qualifying match below.

sure 2 odds prediction

I clicked at the highlighted match above (Otelul – Steaua Bucaresti) and scrolled down.

The screenshot below shows a typical qualifying bet.

daily tips

From the above screenshots you can see that the fixture is a qualifying bet because,

– Home team “Otelul” has 4 of the last 5 matches finishing with 2 goals or more

– Away team “Steaua Bucuresti” has all of the last 5 matches finishing with 2 goals or more

– Head to head history all of the last 5 matches finished with 2 goals or more

Can you guess how this match ended?

Results of this match was 1-1 which is OVER 1.5 goals = WIN

After you have identified about three qualifying matches for that day.

Go over to bet365 or any of your local bookies or any of your preferred bookies (local or international) and place your bets.

Typically you only need to accumulate about 3 matches or less to get 2 odds that you need to stake.

Below are the Screenshots of my wins on bet365. I put them to show you how consistent the system is. And you do not even need a big bank.

Sure 2 Odds Daily Staking and Money Management technique

My own personal view regarding the staking plan is to keep it simple. Decide upon a betting bank and please remember to never ever bet with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Divide your bank into 20 and this will give you your point value e.g. If you have a betting bank of $200, divide this into 20 giving you a point value of $10. Place only 1 point stakes on each of the accumulators on our shortlist.

Recalculate your point value at the end of each day. This ensures that our point value increases if we win and reduces if we lose. Your bank will grow at a steady rate.

I grew my bankroll with this system that when my friend stumbled on my betting history, he said i had “odd 2 sure wins!”

The Easiest Way to Triple Your Bankroll In Less Than 30 Days

The system you just read above is an effective system and I would advise you to give it a shot.

However, I have something way better for you.

You see, searching around the internet looking for researching games can be a difficult process.

Sometimes using this system you just learned, you may not get sure 2 odds daily because finding the qualifying bets might be a bit of a stressful process.

I and my team have found an even MORE powerful system that spots 2 odds which win regularly and I have a membership arena where we post these “Power Picks”.

The system you just learned above is a great system but imagine you betting on the best sure 2 odds to win daily?

Of all the matches in a day, we have devised a system of picking out the best markets which will produce 2 odds that will almost always win.

You don’t need to do any work, all you need do is log in to the member’s arena, take the games for the day and stake on it!

Not only do you save the time and stress of finding picks daily, you will also kiss GOODBYE to Losses forever and get MORE WINNINGS.

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Daily Soccer Banker Tips for Steady Winning