SURE 50 Odds Football SOCCER Tips

  • Are they fixed matches?

    NOTE: 50 odds is not a fixed games.

  • What are they?

    They are very safe accumulators running for 3 days.

  • How does it work?

    We accumulate the SAFEST 3 games for Day One, combine with Day 2 SAFEST 3 games and Day 3 SAFEST 4 Games.

  • What happens for loss tips?

    Because we at Tipster180 has your interest at heart. So if you buy SURE 50 ODDS FOOTBALL SOCCER TIPS and there is any form of upset, you get compensated with the next week set of 50 ODDS to be provided!

  • How many times do I get the sure 50 ODDS?

    Four Times maximum for a one-time payment! Odds are provided twice a week.

  • When are the odds provided?

    Odds are provided (Tuesdays-Thursdays) and 2nd set is (Fridays-Sundays)  .

  • How do I get the odds?

    After confirmation of payment, your account will be upgraded to enable you access the odds. Booking codes on specified bookmakers will also be provided on the page

  • Does this have any form of effect on my regular subscription?

    NO! 50 Odds is an added bonus as you can still subscribe for a regular VIP or Premium Plan.

  • How much does this cost?

    $30 / NGN 4000 / KSH 2000 / UGX45,000/ GHC 70

  • I want to make payment?

    Click here to get payment details

  • After making payment, what next?

    Kindly send your name, email address and the plan you made payment for to [email protected] or as a text message or whatsapp to +2348115558488 or [chat]